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Bulldog Obligations

  • Provide fast and courteous service
  • Provide receipts for all money collected
  • Provide receipts for any collateral used to financially guarantee the bail bond, if applicable
  • Help you track defendant's information, such as date and location regarding of the mandatory court appearances
  • Fully explain to the signing parties the contracts they are signing and their contractual responsibility
  • Provide phone numbers in case of questions or failure to appear in court
  • Confidentiality of all information
  • Be honest, courteous and polite
  • Explain payment arrangements
  • Return collateral after all obligations are fulfilled, if collateral is required

How Does Bail Work?

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    In California, each county sets its unique bail schedule. This schedule is a guideline used to determine what the bail amount will be. There are cases when someone is not bailable and this is determined by the arresting agency or judge, not the bail bondsman.

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    On your court date you want to be prepared to follow the strict rules of the court house. Additionally, it is important to put forth a good image in front of the judge.

Bulldog Bail Bonds never charges extra bond fees. You can trust that our premiums will not change between the time you speak to us on the phone to when you meet with a bail agent.

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